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Scottie enjoys obedience training
Dog Obedience Training Is The Best Way To Start
Training Your Dog Or Puppy.
Of all the types of dog training available today, dog obedience
training should be the first on your agenda. The reason for this is
because every other type of dog training relies on the foundation
you build with your dog during obedience training.

It is also highly recommended for you as a dog owner to take an
active part in your dog's obedience training. This way you are going
to establish yourself as alpha and at the same time learn to
communicate with your dog. A patient and consistent dog owner will
become amazed at the possibilities there are with a well trained dog.
Getting Started With Obedience Training Your Dog Or Puppy.
When you first begin to train your dog or puppy in obedience, you must determine the amount of time and
effort that you can invest in your new family member. In order to truly have a successful experience, you must
spend some amount of time working with your puppy each day. If you are just going to teach them to allow you
to take them for a walk rather than them taking you for a walk, and perhaps a few other simple commands
such as sit, lie down, or stay, you should be prepared to dedicate about 20 to 30 minutes per day. If at a later
time or your first desire is to have a puppy that you would be able to certify as a Therapy dog or take to AKC
Trials, you would need to dedicate about twice that amount of time daily. Daily is the key word in this
discussion. You must be willing to do this faithfully. It does not matter the method you use, as long as you use
it faithfully. I encourage you to take your training seriously. Having a well trained and well behaved dog will be
one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. Grab a copy of a
free dog obedience training guide
available for you to save on your computer to help you get started.
Your Options For Obedience Training
The best way to start training your dog or puppy is
to just start. Putting it off will leave you frustrated
and missing out on some great experiences. I feel
you have three choices in learning to train your dog
or puppy. I will list them in the order that is the best
or easiest.
The Three Choices Are:

  1. Find a good trainer in your area
  2. Follow a video based obedience course
  3. Obedience training books.

1. Find a good trainer in your area. I mean good.
Not a person that has trained their first dog to a
certain point and now features themselves as a
trainer. There are many of those out there. If you choose a class, ask questions regarding the trainer of the
class. How long have they been a trainer and what have their personal accomplishments been. What are
they mostly interested in as far as training goes. Make sure they are interested in what you want to
accomplish. Do not go to a trainer that is just in it for the money. You can always go to the
AKC Website for
contact information of dog training clubs and trainers all over the U.S. Or you can type "dog trainers in your
city" into your favorite search engine and get information about possible trainers in your city just about
anywhere in the world. And there is always the option of asking for referrals from friends or acquaintances that have had a dog or puppy
trained successfully.

2. Follow a video based obedience course. If you do not want to go to a trainer each week, I believe that the next best choice is video
training. You have moving images and someone explaining as you go. This is the same principle as before. Choose a video that will focus
on the area you want and not just someone trying to make money off of you. There are some very good video courses like
The Online
Dog Trainer
available on the Internet. Be sure to choose a course that will work well with the method you have chosen to use.

3. Obedience training books. The last for me would be a book. However, I have seen this work great for some people. If you are more the
type that can pick things up from reading and get your own visual from the pictures in the book, then this can be a great choice for you.
The best selection of training books available online is at
Dogwise. Of course you can always find great deals on books at  Amazon as well
as getting a copy of my
free dog obedience training guide.
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